The final reflective essay

ENG 101

Jungwoo Yun

Dec 17th 2015

Reflective Essay

At the start of the semester, I was highly negative to English writing education with previous experience. The English 101 class that I had taken last semester was quite painful experience for me who is not familiar with analysis and write about topic which I don’t like. Additionally due to the previous experience that I have mentioned in first essay, I used hate to take English classes.

For the result, until I started to write about first writing project and got some feedback from peers and professor, I was still refusing to be positive to writing so that the topic what I chose for first writing project was why I hate writing and how much I hate it.

But while I was writing first writing project, my point of view about academic writing became little bit different from the past’s one by looking computer programming as a kind of academic writing. After getting some feedbacks for first draft of writing project, I have started to think about computer programming as an academic writing and tried to compare those two.

What I found as first was that I can say writing and programming are same in the way that they are basically written to show writer’s desire. Computer programming is used to realize something that programmer wants to make. Writing is used to deliver writer’s opinion, idea and thought to others. So as a means of expressing writer’s thoughts and ideas as a something that can be shown to others, those two, computer programming and writing, can be said that basically same.

As same as writing can be constructed with three questions; aim: why, method: how, and material: what, programming also can be constructed with same questions. Following questions like, what the purpose of program, how programmer will realize and construct the code, what kind of code as material can be used for efficient program, could be possible questions to define programs. In similar context of constructing and defining the object, writing and programming are able to be said they are similar.

Additionally, not only the analogy of the purpose of existence, I found that some properties of writing can stand for computer programming either. Some properties like forwarding, borrowing, etc are all able to be regarded as what that can be shared by both computer science and writing.

One of properties of writing, borrowing, is also core role of the programming especially.  As I had learned during class, in writing, I can borrow and use other writer’s idea and thought to writing by quoting, paraphrasing and explaining. In Joseph Harrison’s rewriting, he defines borrowing as “When you draw on terms or ideas from other writers to use in thinking through your object”. As same as borrowing some others idea or thought in writing, it is very common to borrow some codes from any other source to programmer’s own code. Programmers bring some codes that have logic that programmers need to and revise or adjust them in programmers own code. Borrowing already existing codes is core and important fact of computer science because the computer science is academics of using accumulated knowledge for efficient way to solve problem. Therefore, by borrowing other code, programmers can co-operate with others to think through their own object.

But, even though I could find lots of same or similar facts, I also could find some difference between academic writing and programming. Countering, one of the properties of writing, is expressing opposite position by referring some opinion. In rewriting, Harrison defines and suggests three kinds of countering: arguing the other side, uncovering value, and dissenting. However countering, a technique of writing skills, can stand for the purpose of writing, expressing writer’s idea, but it can’t be adjusted to programming because of programming’s natural property. Even though I mentioned that programming and writing can be regarded as similar things in purpose, it’s not avoidable to have some differences between writing and programming. Program exists for expressing what they are, so that there is no need to counter some argument in programming.

Although there are some difference between academic writing and programming, I have started to regard programming as a kind of academic writing and to enjoy academic writing as a programming. Even though it can be shown as trivial leap to others, I feel like I’m getting better and familiar with writing more than previous through this Eng 101 class now. Additionally as I’m regarding programming as writing, I’m feeling that I’m working daily writing by uploading my own codes to blog. The development of program is also developing me too.


1th November


I briefly researched about Mary jane candy that Pecola gets at the store. The interesting thing was that it is still selling and i can buy it!

This small peanut butter candy is originally made in 1914, which is quite long times ago, even much before the time background of The bluest eyes. And if we go to it’s own web site, we can see the history of it. In 1942, the factory of this small candy was changed to army factory to support the U.S for WWII. So we can understand of the time background behind of the WWII.

Additionally, i think by referring this small peanut butter candy, the author tried to represent the childish symbol of Pecola like how she is young and pure.

It doesn’t have not much story developed yet with her childishness against the opposite figures, but i think those kinds of figures, which is emphasized with her childish fugures, against will come out more as story goes on.

Oct 25th

Basically, compare to previous experiences, this second writing project was fun to write. Because the topic was relatively free writing, while the previous writing experiences were limited, I could be more motivated to write.

What I felt while I was writing was that it is hard to find the optimal way to express my idea and thought. I found hard to explain background of Korean policy and current the social conflict. Additionally, it was also hard to give proper idea and counters to third party.

I felt again about why I have to learn about writing through this project too. I have to be possible to write about something when I feel I have to. The process constructing way and logic to deliver exactly what I want to say was interesting and helpful practice. Also it was helpful to reorder and clear my thought and opinion about the topic.

So finally, what I want to say is that this ENG 101 class is more helpful than previous class I took because the approach to writing is more motivation-causing. Compare to writing which has strict and limited topic, this kind of free writings are more helpful because I’m expecting that I would not have to write about something that I don’t want to, but I could have some topics that I want to write about.

Sep 21 2015. 1st draft essay one.

Sep 21th 2015

Jungwoo Yun

English 101

In my opinion, the reading and writing is one of the most important works in human’s life. As the second communication mean, everything in daily life can be transferred into reading and writing to. I always have thought that it is important to be able to deliver my own idea to the others as writing, and to catch other’s idea from reading, and also I always have hopped to be good at those. However, frankly speaking, I personally hate readings and writings, especially something called ‘academic reading and writing’.

I started to read book since I was at 3 years old, as my mother says. Actually my memory that I read the book starts some when I was in kindergarten. I’d read many types of books, like comics, novels, news, magazine, and even some academic book. In that time, I could feel interesting in every reading whatever I read. I could dive into the world in the novel, I could pretend to become like a reporter, I could taste the marvel of science, I could be a hero of the comics. I had spent the most of the time in public library whenever I had a time.

However, as the readings and writings becoming required and compulsory work to do from middle school, my interest about them has been decreased rapidly. The oppressive and standardized education form of reading and writing was enough to make me feel resistance. I always had wondered why do I have to read the book only through the other’s eyes and refuse to think in my own.

In my experience in Korean education, which can be little different with education in the U.S, there are some funny stories that show how Korean literature is dumb.  A poet once tried to solve the College scholastic ability test, as like as SAT, problem that had his own poem, and he got 0 score for it. Additionally, while I learned a Korean literature called Sonagi, we learned that the purple color of main character’s present to the heroin implicate the tragedy at the end, but in the interview, the author said he used that color just because he love it.

I might felt the disillusionment the readings and writings due to the educational system or environment which I got readings and writings from. I might refused to become one of the formatted person in the system of society that Korea requires. I might just didn’t want to study at all.

So the problem that I have now is that there is some reading/writing works that made me to be far away from them, but there is now such a works that could make me to be close to them. I’m still conflicting with critical reading and writing, creative writing stuffs, I still have the passion or hope to be a writer who can deliver my own ideas and thoughts clearly, but still don’t want to write something that I don’t have any interest, especially ‘academically’.

I still read many readings in everyday life. Book, article, news in narrow, but also SNS, internet community, and chatting in broad, the readings become the essential and natural work of life. It is kind of ironic that I still feel that the readings and writings are important to keep my life, but hate them at the same time. However, I also don’t know when I can end my hatred to be forced readings or wrtings.

Sep 13th

The writing process is always differed by the author. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two readings, Harris’s Rewriting and Alexie’s Superman and Me, in tone, strategy, and idea about perspectives on writing.

The most obvious difference between Harrison and Alexie was the tone of speaker. While Harrison depicts about writing academically, Alexie describe his experience and idea personally. Alexie used his own child experience to demonstrate his idea and reasoning. Otherwise, Harris develop his logic of writing in more academic tone. He uses more academic examples, like Giligan’s In a different voice.

Additionally, they used example in their writing to support or to demonstrate their main idea, but the strategy to use it is different. Alexie use his own example at first. That makes reader can dive into the essay and also give the sense of his idea to the readers. So Alexie deploy his idea from the example. However, Harris uses example more as prove of his idea. He describe his main idea first and support it by giving an example of using that.

Finally, they also have the different perspective on writing and reading. Alexie thinks reading and writing as more pure natural enjoy of learning. Alexie give a sense of enjoying reading and writing through his own experience examples, and evaluate it as a higher education of saving his life. On the other hand, Harris defines writing as a more regular, academic, and ordered one. He approaches to writing more academically giving project, keywords, and uses and limits.

So even though both Alexie and Harrison are talking about same topic ‘writing’, all of the contents and their idea are different. We can see how writing can be differed by the authors definitely.

Blog setup – introduction

My name is Jungwoo Yun, and I’m from South Korea.

One of my semester goals is to achieve a grade what i expected at the start of semester.

The other one is to finish the list what I’ve made before the semester. To do this, i might extra studies regardless to school-courses.

Through this course, i hope there is something i can learn as well as getting better grade.

Sep 6th.


Learning something often has been thought as formal, hard, and burdensome. However, it is actually not. I actually can learn from anything, for any reason, by any chance. Here is my little stories about how I could recognize this fact.

My major is Computer Science. There is a funny story (at least in my opinion) why I choose this study as my major. It was what happened when I was in high school. Until that time, I was totally separated from computer science stuff. I and my two friends did some prohibited action against to the school dormitory’s law and were ahead of punishment. Regardless to what we did, we were gnashing our teeth because we thought our plane was perfect (actually it was second time when we were caught and first one was not revealed finally), and what housefather did to caught us was totally ridiculous action in our opinion. That happening was ended by banning us from the dorm for a week finally, but we three were not ended.

So, understandably, we started to beat our brain to find excellent plane to revenge to the housefather who caught us after we were banned. Due to we were banned from the dorm and had no duty to follow the dorm ‘study’ guide, we relatively had a lot of time, to think about our ‘revenge’. What we got for solution finally was, ridiculously and childishly, hacking his laptop and holding a sword over his head. Because my two other friend was already had a piece of knowledge of computer science, they could introduce me to its world, and we dived into hacking world together for revenge!

Our revenge was simply over because we loosed our passion to revenge before we actually get ability to hack his computer and to get root. However, by this event as a turning point, I can enter to the “Hello Java World”.  It was so contradict and funny that I can have interest to new study because I was banned from to regular course study! So it’s been 3 years already from when I tried to hack my housefather’s computer, but I still love to learn new stuffs. Maybe it’s because how I entered to this study was quiet interesting for me!